Every image has a story, an idea or perhaps even a message behind it.  Packages of topically relevant articles containing images and words are available for publication.  Photories (photo-stories) are tailored to individual publications need or style.  Single or groups of images from the website are available for use.  Contact me directly to discuss 




"The gunmetal blue of midsummer night gave way to dawn as an awakening day softened the horizon.  The Dark of nights calming hand was lifting and between beds of amphibious bistort a gentle breeze ruffled open water.  Mist drifted in thin veils over the lake - the warmth rising from the shallows meeting the chill of morning air.  As the sun gained strength a shaft of amber light sliced through the trees. Set against deep shadows of the woodland edge a halo of golden rim-light etched the outline of a figure on a floating nest.  'The Firey Eye' rested just a few arm lengths away.  She was alone, still and calmly sleeping; surrounded by a blanket of pink flower spikes shining like 'chinese lanterns' in the morning glow.


Extracted from ... 'The Secret Lake of the Firey Eyes' ... Rob Jordan





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