ANIMOTION - when 'Life is just a blur'


To me it seems I've been interested in pictures and telling stories all my life. As a child I drew and created handmade books.  When I first started out in photography I wanted everything to be crystal clear, sharp, well-exposed - perhaps in retrospect this was too illustrative.  However  ... 'Life is a blur' ...  We don't actually see things in such a clear-cut, suspended sharp relief as a still image creates - if actually analysed, moving objects are just flashing impressions, visions that pass unresolved through our sight.  So some time ago I began working in a more personal, impressionistic, almost surreal way to really make the images come alive.  I've been creating imagery, a growing body of work, to convey that movement - I call this theme "AniMotion" - where I hope to capture or distil more of the essence and dynamics of a subject than a plain and simple static frame can ever attempt.  Of course I still enjoy and have to do the other straightforward images as well - but this fluid work feels more exciting and gives me a buzz  - the results are uncertain as you never really know what you will get - and that's what appeals and keeps me trying.





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