'I love nature'

'I love photography'

'I am a Nature Photographer'


Quoted from my good friend  Werner Bollmann, Nature Photographer, Germany  

It's simple, profound and says everything that really needs to be said about what we do ... it can't be put any better!   RJ


  • Description:
  • In the early days the younger animal was suave, sophisticated, even debonair (honest!).  More hunky, chunky, funky, monkey these days - plumage thinning but generally intact with silvery highlights.  A robust frame and body which often increases reserves for winter.  Varying levels of facial hair frequently observed.
  • Habits:
  • Sometimes unmentionable but normally acceptable and sociable.
  • Habitat:
  • Generally seen around country areas, woodland and coast.  Often seen in mountainous or other wild areas.  Occasionally found in urban or city locations for very short periods.
  • Range:  
  • Usually to be found in various and all parts of mainland Europe, particularly Spain and France but has been found as far afield as Israel, India, Seychelles, USA, Arctic Scandinavia, Australia, The Gambia, Spitzbergen and in 2015 Madeira .  Small offshore islands seem to especially attract. 
  • Breeding:  
  • Has only been known to successfully breed once, resulting in a single female offspring of the species recently graduated from a place of higher education having completed her Masters and now moved on to her new career training as a Cardiac Physiologist - this young seems to be brighter, quicker, more intelligent and has smarter, fresher plumage - also claims to already know more than the adult! Which in many respects she does - especially the modern social media high-tech savvy world!
  • Distribution:  
  • Generally found throughout northern England with very frequent forays into Scotland - rarely found south of Hadrian's Wall on a line across from the River Tyne to the Solway Firth. 




                                                                     " I  AM  A  NATURE  PHOTOGRAPHER "



  • Was paid his greatest compliment from the great and influential Finnish photographer, Hannu Hautala, at the Kuusamo Nature Photo Festival in Northern Finland when Rob was one of the guest speakers.  Hannu said:  "Rob, you take photographs just like a Scandinavian!"
  • Is a Newcastle United and England football supporter - a man who has known (emotional) suffering in his life!
  • Had 126 mosquito bites (they were the ones that could be reached to count!) photographing Bee-eaters in the Camargue
  • During his career and following an alleged 'mooning' report on the M6 motorway near Penrith took over 20 written statements from a bus full of holidaymakers describing in graphic detail Bob 'Boomtown Rats' Geldof's backside and other soft parts!!!
  • Loves Border Terriers since childhood
  • Investigated wildlife crime in his former career as a Police Officer and Force Wildlife Officer with Northumbria Police
  • Arrived in Florida with his family two hours before Hurricane Charlie hit!  No wonder the rental car keys were thrown at them!  A wild night!
  • Has a passion for Geography since schooldays - and still maintains an active interest with the ambition of studying for a degree in the subject before it's too late
  • Appeared as a young Bobby Charlton for a TV documentary on the 'Charlton brothers', following Englands World Cup win.  They played football in the back streets of their hometown, Ashington in Northumberland, ... and has wondered since if this qualifies for an actors 'Equity' card? (is there still such a thing?) It WAS a fee paying performance - the 'lads' each received a steak & kidney pie, bottle of 'Vimto' and were allowed to keep the ball!
  • Received his first fracture breaking a foot during school football and has since broken his ribs three times, he fractured his spine in 2001, shattered his front teeth splitting the roof palate of his mouth!  Badly fractured his arm whilst changing a light-bulb in 2006 requiring surgery to insert a plate!!! - And the permanent elbow injury received on duty - ending his Police career - be careful if you stand near him!
  • Through the experience of life - has never trusted someone who wears white socks with a dark suit, has a beard but no moustache or most taxi drivers!
  • Was bitten by an Adder guiding a photographic tour in Glen Feshie, Strathspey, Scotland - but as Northshot's Pete Cairns put it - "Could have been worse, Rob ... it might have been one of the guests" ... thanks Pete! 
  • Is a keen Photo-Tour Guide and Bird Watching Guide.






  • Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards:
  • 1995-present - 5 awards: inc. Category Winner & Category Runner-up and 3 Highly Commended
  • 2005 - Judge - Wildlife Photographer of the Year  
  • 1998 - Featured photographer in the BBC TV series of WPotY - episode 'All at Sea'
  • 2014 - One of the select few photographers in the book '50yrs of the WPotY' celebrating the BEST of the BEST with two images selected
  • Honoured to be invited to the 50th WPotY celebrations at The Natural History Museum, London in the presence of The Duchess of Cambridge





  • Selected Presentations:
  • Guest speaker at the prestigious GDT Nature Photography Festival - the Association of German Nature Photographers, Lunen, Germany
  • Guest speaker at the Scottish Nature Photography Fair, Battleby, Scotland 
  • Guest speaker at the BVNF Nature Photo Festival - Antwerp, Belgium
  • Guest speaker at the Kuusamo Nature Photo Festival, Finland
  • Various presentations and webcam broadcasts at Darwin Centre Live events, Natural History Museum, London
  • Private showcasing of work to the members of the Natural History Museum, London
  • Guest lecturer on board 'MS Balmoral' - cruise to Norway and Svalbard (2013)


  • Influences and inspirations:
  • Eric Bird MBE (Film Maker, Photographer), Laurie Campbell (Photographer), Robert Hainard (Artist), Hannu Hautala (Photographer), Vincent Munier (Photographer), Dr Eric Ennion (Naturalist, Artist), Hugh Miles (Film Maker), Vincent Van Gogh (Artist), Claude Monet (Artist), Art Wolfe (Photographer, Artist), Sir Ranulph Twistelton-Whickham Fiennes (Explorer), Bruce Pearson (Artist), Klaus Nigge (Photographer), Jan Tove (Photographer)


Work hard, play hard, laugh out loud and eat as many 'Mars bars' as you can get away with! ... trying to apply any three of these at any one time can't be too bad ... can it?  RJ


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